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Painter of the Eiffel Tower

Marc Riboud

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Marc Riboud
It was at the age of 14 that Marc Riboud took his first photographs with his father's Vest Pocket Kodak. The camera proved to be a lifelong license to roam, investigate, analyze and appreciate our multi-faceted world. An engineer by training and trade, Marc Riboud, at an early juncture in his career, took a week off from work for the exclusive purpose of taking pictures. This fateful seven day excursion of picture-taking ignited a wanderlust & he consequently never returned to the factory that confined him.
Everything Riboud was to learn about the job of photographing came from the famed Magnum crew, comprised of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa, and Chim (David Seymour). He met the troupe in 1951 and was taken under the wing of Cartier-Bresson, who emphasized in his teachings the intricacies and make-up of composition. (Oddly, it is learned that, Cartier-Bresson "forbade" Riboud to leave his engineering position at the factory for the sake of Photography.) In 1953, Riboud became an official member of the Magnum Agency and eventually become one of its officers.
Between 1955 and 1986, Marc Riboud would travel the globe. Unlike many photojournalists whose visitations generally extend only within the confines of their given assignment, Riboud on the other hand took the proverbial stroll. From 1955-1960 he would travel the Near East, the Far East, India, Nepal, China, the Soviet Union, and take a motor tour from Alaska to Mexico. He spent 1960-1970 documenting the people and activities in Africa, Algeria, China, North and South Vietnam, and Cambodia. Between 1970 and 1980 he would return to the Near East and the Far East and explore Poland and Czechoslovakia. In 1979 Marc Riboud left the Magnum Agency. Since that time he has revisited the breadth of Asia and Europe and eventually resettled in his homeland of France, where he lives today.
Marc Riboud has been witness to the atrocities of war (photographing from both the Vietnam and the American sides of the Vietnam War), and the apparent degradation of a culture repressed from within (China during the years of Chairman Mao's Cultural Revolution). In contrast, he has captured the graces of daily life, set in sun-drenched facets of the globe (Fès, Angkor, Acapulco, Niger, Bénarès, Shaanxi), and the lyricism of child's play in everyday Paris. A man of the world with the eye of a poet, Marc Riboud's photographs are a vignette of the lives of many; brushing against the souls of culture.
Prices: silvergelatine print, signed in the size about 30 x 40 cm 1680 € - 3200 €.

Art objects of this artist

Riboud, Marc ◊ Anouk Grinberg, 1991
Riboud, Marc ◊ Anouk Grinberg, 1991

Riboud, Marc ◊ Ghana, Boats, 1961
Riboud, Marc ◊ Ghana, Boats, 1961

Riboud, Marc ◊ Painter of the Eiffel Tower, 1953
Riboud, Marc ◊ Painter of the Eiffel Tower, 1953

Riboud, Marc ◊ Paris, Baguette, 1953
Riboud, Marc ◊ Paris, Baguette, 1953

Riboud, Marc ◊ Vietnam,Women, 1969
Riboud, Marc ◊ Vietnam,Women, 1969

Riboud, Marc ◊ Vietnam, 1969
Riboud, Marc ◊ Vietnam, 1969

Riboud, Marc ◊ Afghanistan, weaponfactory, 1956
Riboud, Marc ◊ Afghanistan, weaponfactory, 1956

Riboud, Marc ◊ China Wall, 1971
Riboud, Marc ◊ China Wall, 1971

Riboud, Marc ◊ Japan, Tokyo, Fotoralley , 1958
Riboud, Marc ◊ Japan, Tokyo, Fotoralley , 1958

Riboud, Marc ◊ Paris, 1953
Riboud, Marc ◊ Paris, 1953

Riboud, Marc ◊ Washington, 1967
Riboud, Marc ◊ Washington, 1967

Riboud, Marc ◊ Peking, window, 1965
Riboud, Marc ◊ Peking, window, 1965


1923 born in Lyons, France
1937 first photography
1945-48 study of engineering
1952 in the photo-agency Magnum
Since 1955 journeys through Africa, Asia and the East Bloc
1975-76 vice-president of Magnum
1979 left Magnum
The artist lives and works in France.

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Current and past exhibition-dates and information
Sep 5th, 2009
Marc Riboud - Photographs at home an abroad-
Jan 11th, 2014
Marc Riboud: China & Japan in the 50ties and 60ties
Dec 25th, 2015
Love is...

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Solo Exhibitions (Choice)
Exhibition / Installation
2009 in focus Galerie, Köln, Deutschland
2005 "Marc Riboud“, Galerie Arcturus, Paris, France "Gazes“, The Gallery at Hermes, New York, USA "Leeds 1954-2004“, Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China "50 années de photographie en Chine“, La Galerie Photo - Galerie Municipale de Photographie, Montpellier, France 2004 "Marc Riboud - 50 Years of Photography“, Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France "Photos choisies. 1953 – 2002“, Galerie Camera Obscura, Paris, France "50 ans de photographie“, MEP - Maison Européene de la Photographie, Paris, France "Marc Riboud“, HackelBury Fine Art Limited, London, Great Britain "Istanbul, 1950-2000“, Fnac Ternes, Paris, France 2002 "Marc Riboud - Huan Shan - Photographies 1989“, Galerie de France, Paris, France 2001 Leica Gallery, New York, USA 1997 "40 Years of Photography in China”, The Barbican Gallery, London, Great Britain 1996 "China“, Centre National de Photographie, Paris, France 1988 "Marc Riboud”, Galerie Agathe Gaillard, Paris, France "Lasting Moments”, International Center of Photography, New York, USA 1985 "Retrospective“, Musee d’Art moderne de la Ville, Paris, France 1984 "China“, Galerie ACPA, Bordeaux, France "Images de Villeurbanne“, Villeurbanne, France 1982 "China“, Galerie Photo, Geneva, Switzerland 1981 "From China & Elsewhere”, Gallery Photograph, New York, USA "China”, The Photographers Gallery, London, Great Britain 1978 "Marc Riboud“, Galerie Agathe Gaillard, Paris, France 1977 "Marc Riboud“, Galerie Municipale, Toulouse, France 1975 "Nord Vietnam“, Rote Fabrik, Zurich, Switzerland "Marc Riboud”, International Centre of Photography, New York, USA 1974 "Marc Riboud”, The Photographers Gallery, London, Great Britain 1967 "China”, The Photographers Gallery, London, Great Britain 1966 "China”, Asia House, New York, USA "China”, Institute of Contemporary Art, London, Great Britain 1963 "Marc Riboud“, The Art Institute, Chicago, USA

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects


Jan 22nd, 2012
Marc Riboud: Museum Centre Pompidou, Paris, France Permanent Exhibition with Vintage Prints in Hall 40

More publications

- 1959, Marc Riboud, Women of Japan, Bruna et Zoon, Utrecht, London
- 1964, Marc Riboud, Le Bon Usage du monde, text by Claude Roy,Recontre
- 1970, Marc Riboud, Faces of North Vietnam, text by Philippe Devillers, Holt Rinehart and Marc Riboud, Winston, New York
- 1972, Marc Riboud, Bangkok, Weatherhill, New York
- 1985, Marc Riboud, photos choisies ,1953- 1985, texts by Francoise Marquet, Jean
Lacouture, Anne Philippe and Marc Riboud, Museé d´art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, Paris
- 1986, Marc Riboud, Journal, text by Claude Roy, Paris
- 1989, Photo Poche 37, Marc Riboud, Centre National de la Photographie, Paris
- 1992, Le Grand Louvre du donjon à la pyramide, texts by Jean Lacouture, Jean
Boisselier, Marc Riboud and Madeleine Giteau, Imprimerie Nationale Editions, Paris
- 1993, Angkor, the Serenity of Buddhism, texts by Jean Lacouture, Jean Boisselier, Marc Riboud and Madeleine Giteau, Thames and Hudson, London
- 1997, Marc Riboud In China, Harry N. Abrams, New York
- 2004, Marc Riboud , 50 Years of Photography , texts by Robert Delpire, Annick Cojean and Marc Riboud, Flammarion, Paris

BiographyExhibitionBibliographyArt objects

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