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Ahmet Oran

Born: 1957 in Canakkale, Turkey

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In the past three years Ahmet Oran has begun to rip open the skin of his paintings to bring the layers of paint resting below to light. In a perfectly planned action of deliverance he exposes the hidden layers to the view of the spectator. What appears to be a archaic act of violence, turns out to be a deliberate revelation. Ahmet Oran shas begun to plan his abstract compositions on the virtual level of his computer to create new works out of the blow-up of existing paintings in a never ending circle of creativity. Like a scientist he transfers the virtual idea in the physical world of colour. What starts with delicate cuts in iridescent layers of colour changes through the technique of blow-up into abstract patterns far from natural structures. For days and nights the painter endures to witness the perfekt degree of hardening of the colour and uses the brief moment to open the surface.

Art objects of this artist

Oran, Ahmet ◊ o.T. (AO 4a), 2008
Oran, Ahmet ◊ o.T. (AO 4a), 2008

Oran, Ahmet ◊ o.T. (AO 2a), 2008
Oran, Ahmet ◊ o.T. (AO 2a), 2008


Ahmet Oran was born 1957 in Canakkale / Turkey.
1977-80 studied painting in the class of Prof. A. Coker at the Academy of fine arts, Istanbul
1980-85 Study of painting, glasspainting and graphic arts at the academy for applied arts, Vienna, in the class of Prof. Unger
1985-87 studied in the class of Prof. Frohner 1987 graduated at the Academy for Applied Arts, Vienna
In the past few years he was living in Istanbul.

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