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Opening: Franz Baumgartner "Modda"

Opening: Franz Baumgartner

Opening: January 25th, 2007, 7 pm

Deserted spaces, places and locations. Created by man while his absence developed a momentum of its own to a longing surface of imagination. Lost in desolation or meditation over irrelevance?

Franz Baumgartner devotes himself to the inconspicuousness and dares a courageous step towards staying in the age of restlessness.

His works emerge – with help from photography – from the memory of scenes and landscapes, while his views are familiar to all of us and are stimulating our collective memory. By this means snapshots gain character of eternity.

Behind every day life hides the extraordinary and banality keeps secrets.

His sensitive approach towards his subjects classifies Franz Baumgartners works as fragile constructs, as models of reality that gain presence through pictorial configuration and find significance as images in our imagination.

January 26th – February 24th, 2007
Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Seilerstätte 19, 1010 Wien

Lukas Feichtner Galerie
Seilerstätte 19
A-1010 Wien

Tel: +43 1 512 09 10
Fax: +43 1 804 30 63

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Franz Baumgartner

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Franz Baumgartner: Modda

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