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Vernissage Walter Weer: Between 0 and 1 / Sculpture

Verniassge Between 0 and 1 / Sculpture

Vernissage: 08. 06. 2006, 19:00 Uhr

Mag. Sonja Traar, curator of Sammlung Essl will
hold the opening speech.

Exhibition: 09: 06: 06 - 15. 07. 06´
A cataloge is published.

Two concepts in the context of Walter Weer´s work seem to lend themselves to a detailed description: Lightness and Space.

The artist himself frequently talks of aspiring to a kind of Lightness in his works, a state of breathing and hovering. This is first and foremost arrived at by successively voiding superfluous material whereby the “superfluous” is eliminated as gloom, stuffiness and construction. Divested of their function by their hovering state, they also throw off the ballast of being bound to function.

In his latest works, Walter Weer subjects power and victory symbols to a critical process of reconfiguration. Conceived as large-scale objects, they consist of wooden rods and ladders clad in paper. Out of these the artist builds, for example, a “triumphal arch”: the paper hangs down in shreds and seems to be the only thing to have survived time´s vicissitudes – an allusion to preserved documentation and tradition. The idea of the “Arc de Triomphe” is thus taken ad absurdum. In another large object, paper-clad ladders are dovetailed into each other; the entire construction seems about to collapse any minute – the ephemerality of civilisations and world pictures becomes palpable.

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Walter Weer: Between 0 and 1 / Sculpture

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