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Vernissage:Stylianos Schicho "all you can eat"

The Lukas Feichtner Gallery dedicates an exhibition to its newest artist Stylianos Schicho and would like to invite you to the opening.

Opening: 29.5.2008, 6 pm
Exhibition: 30.5. – 5.7.2008
Location: Lukas Feichtner Galerie
Seilerstätte 10
1010 Wien
The opening takes place during the Galerienrundgang.

The art
In his recent works Stylianos Schicho not only thematizes the omnipresent surveillance of modern cities as an artist but as a stylized version of himself acting in the urban cuttings of his compsition. On large-sized panels he communicates the oppressive realization of constant observation, while he never exposes his figures helplessly to the voyeur and lets them look rigidly into the watcher´s eyes to destroy the passivity of the object observed. The steep perspective connotes the unnatural angle of urban surveillance cameras that register every Step of modern humans under the pretence of security. Stylianos Schichos figures lead off the fight with these silent pursuers and admonish the observed observer to be attentive by making contact silently and communicating the feeling of beeing pursued with direct looks over their shoulders.
Stylianos Schichos works couldn´t be more up-to-date and are to be understood as a critical comment on the ambivalence of security.

Artis biographies and artworks:
Stylianos Schicho

Source: © lukasfeichtner galerie


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