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New Exhibition: Oliver Boberg "Shadows"

from Jun 10th, 2017 until Aug 26th, 2017

Exhibition by Oliver Boberg 'Shadwos' ...more

Participating artists
Oliver Boberg

Ken Lum "Necrology"

from Nov 26th, 2016 until Feb 25th, 2017

In the 6th solo exhibition with Ken Lum, we present his latest series: Necrology Ken Lum"s most recent works derive from contemporary obituaries found in local newspapers. In Lum"s treatment, the obituary serves as a text on lives ...more

Participating artists
Ken Lum

Irene Peschick: Zeit . zerstreut

from Sep 9th, 2016 until Oct 29th, 2016

Older photos and new drawings by the artist. In a fourth solo exposition, we show older and more recent works of the artist Irene Peschick who was born in Kassel in 1937. Meeting the artist is still a surprise today since she does not conform to the ...more

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